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Apache From the Start

Apache Replacement Parts LLC. was acquired from Gregory’s Canvas Products in 2012.  Apache Replacement Parts LLC and Gregory’s Canvas Products are family owned and operated in Michigan.
Gregory's Canvas Products is a maker of quality canvas products founded in 1957. They are the only company with the original Apache camper canvas patterns.  Over the years some modifications were made so the canvas’s would last longer. We acquired the parts division of Apache Sales Corporation in 2010. Apache Sales Corporation was formed after the Apache Company discontinued operations to continue certain operations of the original company. 

Vesely Owners 

Vesely Company was a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of popup campers, travel trailers, motor homes, and a variety of other recreational vehicles. Eugene Vesely, a Lapeer building contractor, made his first canvas camper in the mid 1950's. After producing additional campers for family and friends, he decided to begin producing them commercially. In less than a decade demand for his campers soared. By the mid 1960's, the company was selling millions of dollars in RV's per year and had expanded to several factories. They boasted of a network of over 400 Dealers. They were most widely known for their Solid State popup campers that were the first of their kind when introduced in 1971. They continued to provide a variety of innovative products during the 1970's until the mid 1980's. The company began declining in the late 70's eventually closing in 1979. The company was reformed in the early 1980's by a group of dealers who moved production from Lapeer to Dryden, MI. Production only ran until 1987 when the last campers were manufactured by the company. A consortium of dealers purchased a portion of the company's assets and formed Apache Sales Corporation. Gregory's Canvas Products acquired the original patterns for the soft sided Apache Camper's at this time. Our company has prided itself on providing the best quality, original equipment parts and replacement canvases to Apache Camper owners for over 20 years.